BETA 2018

The BETA 2018​ competition and its related exhibition supports and promotes quality architecture in all its forms and manifestations, being conceived as a relational interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.
The competition is open to all those who contribute to the creation of quality architecture in the Euroregion (Romania​, Serbia, Hungary​), of which: architects, urbanists, landscape architects, scenographers, light artists, graduates of architecture / interior architecture / urban planning / visual arts / design, engineers, IT-ists, public administrations, NGOs, sociologists, psychologists, critics, theorists, philosophers, etc.
Participants can submit works realized in the past two years (finalized projects / proposals / projects that reinterprete the role of architecture, including essays on housing) in the following six categories: 1.Built space, 2.Interior space, 3.Public space, 4.Graduation projects, 5.Initiatives / Experiments / Visions in architecture and 6.Architecture essays.
For entering the competition, the participants will consider the following two deadlines: August 1st (for 1-5 categories) and September 10th (for category 6).
The competition has an euroregional character, being open to the DKMT*
​E​uroregion (for 1-3 categories), as well as to the three neighboring countries – Romania, Hungary and Serbia (for 4-6 categories).
The jury consists of: Attila Kim, Irina Cristea, Grozdana Šišović, Levente Szabó and Oana Stănescu for categories 1-5 and Catherine Slessor, Ethel Baraona Pohl and Tamar Shafrir for the Architecture essays category.
More information on the competition is available on our website:​.
​Also, you can consult the results of the 2016 edition of the BETA competiton here:
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